Monday, October 29, 2007

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 sequel KETTEI!!

I feel a little bad about having my last entry about Pretty Cure sound so dismal. I swear, I still religiously watch ths show (for reasons now beyond me..).

Well, apparently now I can watch it for a lot longer, as the second season has finally been confiremed under th name Yes! pretty Cure 5 Go Go! (As in "Go Go Go!", or, "Go Go God, that's a terrible pun!"). Though really, this isn't much of a surprise. ...To some people, anyway.

Not much has been confirmed about it as of late, unlike the impressive early leaks for the first season last year. However, some speculations include Milk not gaining a human form in this current season, but in the next one, and of course the standard addition of a new character or two. Also standard, a start date of sometime in February of next year. ...Can't wait!

In other news, I haven't posted much recently, have I?
well there was once a time when I was working on redesigning the page, but ended up putting that on a shelf in place of school (always school... orz). But I'm sure I'll be back soon. There are a lot of things I want to talk about!

See you then~

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