Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA 5: Ciao Sorella!

And so, the final Marimite OVA has arrived at last, and was it ever worth the wait. We get perhaps the best animation out of the whole lot in this one, and Holy Balls, to think that I thought the fanservice in the first disk was risque -- the ankle shots in Emma ain't got nothing on this!

Anyhow, we start this latest episode off by finding out that Sachiko really sucks at making jokes as she asks Yumi to bring her back, among other things, some manjuu from Rome. Of course, this is a joke that poor Yumi does not get (seeing as it came from someone who doesn't know how to eat a burger, I don't really blame her for taking Sachiko seriously).
We then move on the Yellow Roses, who are celebrating Yoshino's near excursion with a family gathering (was it really for that?). Yoshino offers that she and Rei should probably be heading home by now. Of course, the real reason she wanted to leave was so she could have some alone time with her cousin/sister/secret lover. As a bonus, she even decides to play the role of the nice, agreeable Yoshino straight from Yumi's image of her when they were first years. It would be a shame if Rei's last memory of her before she left was of a fight, after all.
And finally, we end with Shimako, receiving a late phone call from Noriko, who in a quite sincere moment wishes her elder sister a safe trip~

At the airport, we get our first Sei appearance..!
...Only not. Mami comes with the distressing news that she only THOUGHT she heard Sei's name being announced over the speakers, when it was actually Katou Kei who was summoned (remember that -- you'll be tested later).

On the plane, Tsutako notices a great shutter chance when she sees a girl praying during take-off. However, Yumi says she shouldn't as it would be rude (to which I agree). However, soon after Yumi makes a pretty lame remark about how all the people on the ground look like trash the way they're looking down on everyone from the plane must be like how Maria-sama looks down on them. Oh, Yumi.... Your brain is melting.

As soon as Yumi and Yoshino arrive at their room (why...are their beds pushed together, I wonder?), Yoshino decides to hit the sack. Yumi changes into her pajamas, takes a bath, and still Yoshino refuses to get up. Yumi soon finds out that Yoshino's come down with a pretty bad fever -- Yoshino begs Yumi to not tell the teachers and instead asks her to bring her her magic towel she's used since she was a child (so cute.. (´▽`*) ).
Yoshino explains to Yumi that this fever is unfortunately a regular occurrence for her, but as long as she put a wet cloth to her forehead and got some sleep, she should be fine. If the teacher was to ever find out about this, however, surely she'd have to sit a good lot of the trip out, and become segregated from the group -- thus putting her right back to her pre-surgery days.
The next day she feels much better, and apologizes to Yumi for making her worry. Yumi, who is the only person in their class who knew/knows about Yoshino's condition, finally realizes why Yoshino so fervently wanted to share a room with her.

The next third of the episode plays a little like a travel magazine. If you've never wanted to visit Italy, you might start wanting to now. And if you've wanted to go before, you might start looking up plane ticket prices... (´・ω・`)
The girls visit the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, the San Marco Monastery in Florence, and climb a good way up Pisa's leaning tower (might I add that the works of art and sites were all beautifully digitally filtered/reproduced. The staff must have been slaughtered..).
Along the way, we get two very differing perspectives of Michelangelo's Last Judgement by Yoshino and Shimako and a conversation between Yumi and Yoshino about petite souer woes. We also find out that the rosary Rei gave to Yoshino was specially for her. Oh! and we also get another appearance from Sei. Only not, as over dinner Mami explains that she interviewed a girl who apparently believes she saw her. Hrmm...

When the girls climb down from the leaning tower, they're greeted by Shimako... and Shizuka! The two have been keeping touch as pen pals this whole time. And just to be polite, she even takes them into the nearby Baptistery and treats them to a short song. It's also from Shizuka where Yumi finally receives a postcard so she could finally write to Sachiko back in Japan. Her letter to her reads:

Ciao Sorella!!
I am currently in Pisa. The trip is lots of fun.


After some thought, she finally writes..

I miss you.

As the episode comes to a close, we get one last appearane from Sei (only......not) in the form of a Japanese speaking parrot-thing that can say "Gokigenyou" and "Cut it out, Satou-san!" (remember the airport?). Before returning to Japan Yumi and co. ask Shimako about Sei, and she replies that she knows that she came to Italy as well. She didn't meet her or anything, it was just... a feeling.
(or perhaps a plethora of clues conveniently floating about. Who knows.)


Oh P.S., of course Yumi's letter to Sachiko arrives late. Poooor Yumi..

Well I gotta say, for an episode that mentions Sei so often it sure is funny that we DON'T SEE HER AT ALL.


But after all, I guess this episode was more meant to focus on our second years. The third years, and even the first years hardly get any lines at all (Touko and Kanako getting none..( ´Д`) ). Oh, and it was nice to see Shizuka again, of course~*

All in all, these OVA's have been a really fun ride. Boy, do I ever wish there were more.

..Oh wait, that's right..

Aw, hell yeah bitches.